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Edit the HTML code of the email signature?
This is possible now with the HTML Mail Signature App for Mac Mail!

HTML Mail Signature
Easy Coding

Smart Tools

The app is simple in design and has handy tools
for maintaining the HTML code of the email signature.

HTML Editor

The editor provides direct editing of the signature source code.


Provides the overview of the content and structure of the signature.

File attachment

Add files such as images or documents as attachments.

Behind the Scenes

The Features in Detail

The smartest tools and features for your source code.

Do you have questions?

FAQs about the app

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the HTML Mail Signature app.

An email signature is like a digital business card at the end of an email that identifies the sender and often includes contact information or other relevant details such as website, links to social media profiles, etc.

The HTML Mail Signature App is an application software for editing e-mail signatures using HTML code, especially for Apple Mail. The app is designed for macOS devices with active Apple Mail and serves as an extension of the signature function. You can use this app to edit the source code of your existing Apple Mail signatures.

Die App eignet sich für Benutzer mit HTML-Kenntnissen, die die E-Mail-Signaturen mit Apple Mail erstellen und deren Quellcode direkt ändern möchten. Im Editor kannst Du die Signaturen in HTML bearbeiten. Programmierkenntnisse sind zwingend erforderlich.

The requirements for it to function fully and be used:

  • A desktop device with the macOS 10.11.0 operating system or newer
  • An active email account in Apple Mail
  • At least one signature created in Apple Mail
  • Knowledge of HTML.

No, you don’t need to register. All you need is at least one active e-mail account in Apple Mail.

Apple Mail is an e-mail program from Apple. You will find the app pre-installed on your Mac computer. It is also called “Apple Mail” or Mail App.

The app runs on macOS from 10.11.0 (Mac OS X El Capitan) or newer versions.
MacOS is the operating system from the technology company Apple for laptop and desktop computersof the Mac models, e.g. MacBook, iMac, Mac mini etc.

Apple Mail is already pre-installed on your Mac and the version depends on the operating system. You need a macOS device with operating system 10.11.0 (Mac OS X El Capitan) or newer to use the HTML Mail Signature app.

The following permissions are required for the app to function correctly:

  • Access to the Mailbox folder to read and save the signatures
  • Access to the Mail folder to read the mail settings
  • Access to the Home folder to keep your iCloud Drive synchronized.

The app offers:

  1. HTML editor:
  • Code completion
  • Text highlighting
  • Multipler cursor
  • Word wrap
  • Undo / Redo funktion
  • Import & export
  1. Edit attachments
  2. Preview
  3. Light / dark mode.

The app is currently only available to download from the Mac App Store (MAS). In future, the app can also be purchased outside the store.


The app is not available for Android- and iOS-based devices.

With a one-off purchase of the app, you can use it to its full extent. There is no subscription.

The application costs 7.99 euros incl. 19% VAT in Germany (as of 12.2023). The price may vary depending on the country and region.

The in-app purchase is processed via the Mac App Store. The conditions of the store apply.

In your Apple ID, you enter your preferred payment method, e.g. credit or debit card, PayPal, etc.

You receive an invoice from Apple after every purchase. You can usually find these in your iCloud mailbox or in the mailbox you have specified for your Apple ID. The receipts can also be accessed in your App Store purchase statistics or via the Report-a-Problem portal. On the receipt you can see what was purchased and which Apple ID was used.

You can return your App Store purchases within 14 days of purchase.* The Mac App Store will process the cancellation and refund you the full payment.

It is not possible to transfer the in-app purchases to another Apple ID or to another operating system (e.g. Android)!

*The conditions for the refund may be different depending on the country or region.

The app is available on all macOS devices where the mac user is assigned to the same Apple ID. The Pro version can be subsequently activated on your other devices by using the “Restore” button in the purchase dialog.

For the restore to work, you must be logged in with the same Apple ID that you made the in-app purchase with. If you are unsure, check your App Store purchase history or your email inbox for the purchase receipt from the Mac App Store.

It is not possible to transfer the purchased apps to another Apple ID or to another operating system (e.g. Android)!

The latest version of the HTML Mail Signature App is 1.2.0 (as of 02.2023).

Go to About HTML Mail Signature in the app menu. The app shows you the installed version here.

To update the app, open the Mac App Store and go to the “Updates” tab. If a newer version is available, you will see it in the list of apps to be updated.

We recommend that you always keep the app updated.

The app can be used offline, so an internet connection, e.g. via Wi-Fi or mobile data, is not absolutely necessary. You only need an internet connection when downloading or updating the app.

No, the signature you create with this app is only available for Apple Mail on your MacOS device. For Outlook and other email clients, you have to create a signature separately in the respective client.

Theoretically, you could also copy the HTML code (without attachments) and reuse it in other apps or email programs. However, there is no guarantee that the HTML code is fully compatible with other applications.

The signatures are currently only available on MacOS with Apple Mail. However, a sent signature can be marked, copied and pasted in the signature settings in the Mail App of the iOS device. But compatibility is not guaranteed here.

Surely. In the HTML editor, you can change the source code of your signatures at any time.

You can use the attachment management function to attach all file formats, e.g. images, documents in all formats. With the drag-and-drop function, it is possible to drag the attachments from the sidebar into the HTML code. The reference appears as a code for the attachment, e.g: <span class=”Apple-string-attachment”><object height=”140″ width=”140″ type=”application/x-apple-msg-attachment” data=”cid:5E5F7BDD-B042-4231-8E23-C82F2888C839″></object></span> . Attached files can be referenced multiple times. This is especially helpful for images.

Yes, you can edit saved signatures at any time. Press “Save” to apply the changes. To ensure that these are also visible in Apple Mail, please restart Apple Mail every time you save a change.

Please restart the Apple Mail application so that it can read the changes from HTML Mail Signature.

To use the HTML mail signature, you must have knowledge of HTML to write the code for your signature yourself. Theoretically, you can also use ready-made HTML code from the Internet or from the Mail Signature app (Pro version).

To use the Mail Signature App, HTML knowledge is only optionally required. You can create your own signature with the visual editor. The editor is structured like Word. Depending on the version (free or Pro), various functions are available to you. Extended editor functions, images with Retina resolution and the HTML editor are available in the Pro version (In-App Purchase). The HTML editor that you have with the Pro version also allows you to edit the HTML code generated by the visual editor at any time. You have complete control over the source code of your signature. You can also export this code and save it as a backup or share it with others.

HTML means “Hypertext Markup Language” and is a web markup language for website design.

The export and import functions are the same as of Mail Signature Pro (in-app purchase). This means that an export of the *.mailsignature file and an import of the *.mailsignature and *.html files are also available.

  1. Export
    • Backup and recovery in case of loss
      The export as a *.mailsignature file serves to save the signatures separately outside the, e.g. on the respective device. This file serves as a backup and can be restored at any time via the import.Each signature must be exported separately and imported again separately. Make regular backups so that an up-to-date backup copy is always available.The signature exported as a *.mailsignature file cannot be imported into other email programs and is compatible with Mail Signature, HTML Mail Signature and Apple Mail.
    • Share with others
      Share the exported signature with others simply by sending a file. In large companies, it is also sufficient to create a signature template. Employees can import the file and adapt it to their contact details
  2. Import
    It is possible to import signatures in .mailsignature and .html formats. It is used, for example, to restore deleted signatures or to insert third-party signatures as templates. It is also an option to import or copy a ready-made e-mail signature in .html format from the Internet.
The app is available in the following languages:
  • English
  • German.
The language of the app is automatically chosen according to the preset language of your device’s operating system. To change the language of the app to English, change the language of your device to English.

The app does not collect, process or store any personal user data.

Your feedback is very important to us! Click on the Contact button on our website or send a message via e-mail to . Thank you!

It is also possible to report a problem directly in the app menu by clicking on Help. In the support area of the website that appears, fill in the fields and describe the problem.

You can rate our apps in the Mac App Store (1-5 stars) and write a review.

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