Mail Signature available in the Mac App Store
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Mail Signature available in the Mac App Store

About a month ago, Mail Signature hit the Mac App Store. Since then we have received positive feedback and suggestions for the app. 👍

The development started in 2020 and overcame numerous hurdles. The result is a tool to create e-mail signatures simply and easily for Apple Mail.

Important functions such as export and import for the transfer of signatures have also been implemented. The HTML editor helps you to edit the signature professionally. The visual editor helps you format the text and images.

Version 1.1.0 is currently available.
We are currently developing further, in the next update you can expect the following:

  • Images as high-resolution retina attachment
  • Advanced image properties

But our agenda is far from over, we have many more ideas and tasks that we will write about here soon in the future.

Your opinion about our app is very important to us. We look forward to receiving your feedback!
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